Jeff Batten

Interiors Project Designer

Years Experience:


With Current Firm:



  • Fashion Institute of Technology: BFA Interior Design
  • East Carolina University: BFA Performing Arts

Jeff joined iS design in 2019. Previously Jeff worked for a design and architecture firm in New York.  Jeff is involved in all phases of the design process at iS design.

Fun Fact:

Jeff moved to New York City with literally just a suite case after graduating from East Carolina University. He could barely eat or pay his rent at first, but he knew that NYC was the ultimate test for art & design. He lasted 15 years until North Carolina called him back home. No matter where he is, Jeff is grateful to be a part of the design community.

Favorite Things:

  • His children: Jeff is amazed at how humbled he is in their presence. Their optimism, creativity, and love challenges Jeff to be better every day.
  • The ocean: When Jeff was in high school, he started cutting class his senior year and started surfing. He has never looked back. Jeff's surfing has taken him all over the country & Central America seeking waves.
  • Travel: Jeff loves the road less traveled and traveling abroad especially with his wife, who is not afraid of going off the grid. One of his favorite quotes is "Travel Kills Prejudice" - Mark Twain. Jeff's travels have taken him to Panama, BVI, Colombia, Japan, Iran, Turkey, Lebanon, and Europe.
  • Geometry: Jeff was horrible at math...really bad...but he aced Geometry. Jeff loved that it was was concerned with shapes and the position of figures. This is how Jeff sees his projects: the composition of volumes in space and how they interact to create a space as a whole.